Park Rules

1. In the event of West Down Holiday Homes Ltd. ("the Management") being unable to supply the Holiday Home for any reason, the Management reserves the right to cancel this Agreement and no responsibility will be accepted for any resulting direct or indirect losses suffered by the Purchaser. No Holiday Home transactions to be made without prior approval of the Management. 

2. Prices quoted on this invoice for new Holiday Homes are the prices current at the time and may be amended subject to the price ruling at the date of delivery of the Holiday Home to the Purchaser. All replacement caravans/lodges must be ordered through the site office. Size and height restrictions may apply to some pitches. 

3. The Purchaser shall pay any unpaid part of the purchase price of the Holiday Home by a Bank Draft or Banker’s cheque within fourteen days of being notified by the Management that the Holiday Home has been sited and available for use. Keys and possession will be withheld until all monies due have been paid. 

4. If the Purchaser shall fail to complete the purchase any deposit paid shall be forfeited. If in this event a used Holiday Home  has been taken in part exchange within the Agreement, the Management may in its absolute discretion purchase the said used Holiday Home at the trade-in price specified in the invoice less 10%. 

5. The property in the Holiday Home shall not pass or be deemed to pass to the Purchaser until the Management has received the full purchase price. 

6. Owners wishing to sell their Holiday Home must ensure that the Purchasers sign a new Agreement Form before taking possession. 


7. The Holiday Home is at the risk of the Purchaser from the time payment for it has been made in full. 

8. The Purchaser confirms that he/she is over 21 years of age. 

9. The terms of this Holiday Home Sales Agreement, the Siting Conditions, the Park Rules, the Annual and Other Charges annexed and any Regulations from time to time made for the better control and amenities and management of the Park constitute the entire agreement between the parties in respect of the Holiday Home Sale and the keeping of the Holiday Home on the Park and the Purchaser acknowledges that he/she has not entered into this Agreement in reliance wholly or partly on any statement or representation made to him/her. Any special concessions given by the Management to the Purchaser only form part of this Agreement if they are detailed within the Special Arrangements - Comments section of this invoice. 

10. The Holiday Home is sold for holiday use only and shall only be occupied during the period 1st March to the next 14th January ("the season") unless varied by the Park Rules changes to which will be notified in writing by the Management. 

11. The Purchaser as Owner agrees to abide by the terms of the Siting Conditions, the Park Rules, the Annual and Other Charges and the Regulations referred to above each of which the Management have the right to vary.


The Owner agrees:-
1. To pay the balance of the total annual charge in accordance with the Management's Annual and Other Charges.

2. To pay all taxes, assessments, impositions and outgoings including rates imposed upon the Management in respect of the Pitch.

a. Not to sell or exchange the Holiday Home on the Park without the written consent of the Management which may not be granted. 
b. Not to let the Holiday Home for more than a total of four weeks to the same person or persons within the Season and only to use or permit the use of the Holiday Home for holiday purposes.
c. To permit the Management to remove the Holiday Home from its Pitch forthwith in the event of the Owner not renewing this Agreement in any year or failing to pay any of the Annual and Other Charges within 21 days of becoming due.
d. Not to assign or share the benefit of this Agreement or hold it for the benefit of a third party.
e. Not to remove or arrange for the removal of the Holiday Home otherwise than by the Management and to pay the Management's charges for any such removal.

4. Not to let the Holiday Home or allow it to be used by parties of young persons under 21 or groups of the same sex.

5. That any property left by the Owner or any persons visiting or staying at the Holiday Home on any part of the Management's premises is entirely at the risk of the Owner of such property.

6. That the Holiday Home will be maintained in a first class condition and with a Fire Extinguisher of approved type and in particular any type specified from time to time in the Park Rules.

7. To comply with all conditions of the Site Licence and all conditions of the Park Rules as displayed on the Park which may be amended by the Management at its discretion from time to time.

8. To use the Holiday Home for holiday purposes only during the season unless varied by the  Park Rules changes to which will be notified in writing by the Management and not to use the Holiday Home during the yearly period of Park closure. 

a. That whilst Holiday Homes generally remain on the same Pitch the Management reserves the right to resite Holiday Homes elsewhere within the Park without payment of any compensation or reduction in the Annual and Other Charges.
b. The Management agree to notify the Owner as soon as possible of any re-siting arrangement which affect the Owner's Holiday Home.

10. That the entitlement to site the Holiday Home on the Park constitutes an annual Licence renewable each year during the Agreement Period subject to the occupiers for the time being of the Holiday Home complying with all Siting Conditions and Park Rules. The Licence is personal to the Owner and the benefit of it may not be assigned. The Holiday Home owner is responsible for the actions of all users of the Holiday Home and the Management have the right to determine the Owners Licence for the use of the Pitch in the event of failure to comply with the Park Rules.

11. That the Management retains a lien on and the power of sale of the Holiday Home for all monies due and owing to the Management.

12. That all Holiday Homes on the Park have been manufactured according to the appropriate British Standard as suitable for holiday use only and shall not be used by the Owner or any other persons for residential or buisiness purposes other than letting for holiday purposes. 

13. That failure by the Management to enforce at any time any of the above Siting Conditions shall not be deemed to be a waiver of them or of the right subsequently to enforce them.


1. Holiday Home ownership shall be in full compliance with the "Siting Conditions" as set out above and the Site Licence which is available for inspection at the main office on the Park.

2. The Holiday Home can only be used for holiday purposes and can only be occupied during the period that the Management operates the Park for its normal business, as advised on an annual basis.

3. Installations of gas, electricity, water and waste shall only be carried out by the Management or its representatives and no repairs or alterations shall be carried out to any part of the Park without prior written permission of the Management.

4. Entitlement to use the pitch and the Park facilities is subject to all due payments being met on the dates notified by the Management from time to time and subject to compliance with all the conditions herein specified or referred to.

a. No Holiday Home shall be used or let to accomodate more than six persons or if less the number of berths installed by the manufacturer, except for a child below the age of three accomodated in  a cot. Children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to use the holiday home for more than twenty eight days in any period of ninety days.
b. The Management disclaims any liability arising from the private sub-letting of the Holiday Home by the Owner to a third party.

6. No trade or buisiness may be conducted from the Holiday Home other than lettings for holiday purposes.

7. The registered Holiday Home Owner is personally responsible for the conduct of any users of the Holiday Home at all times.


8. No notices, advertising or poster may be displayed externally or in windows without prior permission from the Management.

9. All Holiday Homes must be capable of being moved at all times. Wheels, tyres and jack legs should be maintained to facilitate this.

a. No animals are permitted on any part of the Park except for two domestic pets belonging to the Owner of the Holiday Home and only on the condition that such pets are at all times kept under proper control of a responsible adult and exercised away from the Park.
b. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and the following breeds are not permitted on any part of the Park: American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Akita, Wolfhound Hybrid, Japanese Tosa, Neopolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentine, Fila Brasiliero, XL Bully.
c. Pet owners who allow their pet(s) to roam the Park or become a nuisance in any way will be asked to remove their pet(s) from the Park. In such cases a minimum Notice of 48 hours will be given.

11. Firearms, weapons and explosives of all descriptions are not permitted on the Park or any part therof.

12. No permanent fencing or obstruction is allowed in the area surrounding the Holiday Home which would inhibit the free access of emergency vehicles to any part of the Park or interfere with the routine maintainance of the Park by the Management whose written approval for such fencing or obstruction must be obtained. 

13. Holiday Homes must be insured by the Owners under a scheme approved by the Management. Owners must produce annually to the Management evidence of their insurance cover which must include public liability of at least £2,000,000.00. Not until sight of adequate cover will the Management renew the Owner's licence to keep the Holiday  Home on the Park for the ensuing Season.

14. A Fire Extinguisher of a type approved by the Management within the terms of its site licence must be installed in each Holiday Home (2kg dry powder).

a. No alterations, installations or additions may be made to the Holiday Home's exterior or the pitch. No awnings are allowed.
b. Rotary washing lines must be folded up or removed when not in use. 
c. Balconies, Patios and storage units must be of a size and design approved by the Management. Sheds and walk-in storage units are only permitted on pitches 33-46. 

a. No music may be played on the Park between the hours of 11.00 pm and 9.00 am.
b. Any Regulations made by the Management for the better control and operation of the Park and its amenities and prominently displayed at the Management's office at the Park must be observed.

17. The Pitch and Holiday Home must be kept in a clean and tidy condition and in good repair at all times.

18. The Holiday Home must not be used in such a way as to be or become a nuisance to other persons within the Park.

a. Vehicles must be parked only in the parking space(s) provided. Maximum two per pitch. 
b. No trailers or boats or skips or touring caravans/campervans are allowed within the Park at all unless by specific prior arrangements made with the Management.
c. Not to bring or allow to be at the Park any vehicle which is not taxed and roadworthy.
d. The Management reserves the right to remove and dump anything brought or left at the Park in contravention of this clause and to recover all costs involved from the responsible Owner or other person.


20. The Management reserves the right to alter these rules and make new rules. 


1. The Annual Site Fee covers a Season (1st March to the next 14th January) and includes the Water and Sewerage charges.

a. Site Fees shall be charged in accordance with the scale displayed in the Management's Office of the Park. Supplementary charges may also be chargeable,  depending on Pitch position or Holiday Home length.
b. The Management reserve the right to make additions or deletions to these Conditions in respect of the payment of Annual and Other Charges from time to time as it considers necessary.

3. The Annual Site Fee for each Season must be paid as to one half in advance by the end of Febuary in the year in which that Season starts and as to the other half by the end of August in the same year. 

4. RATES: Rates will be invoiced to the Owner when the relevant charge is known, payable within 28 days from the date invoiced.


a. The Park is buisiness-rated and therefore entitled to charge all Holiday Home Owners Rates. This should not be confused with the council tax.
b. Registered Charities can apply direct to the Local Authority for a reduced rate. The Management will credit their Rates charge on evidence the Registerted Charity have paid direct to the Local Authority.


LATE PAYMENT: Interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the date any payment is due until the date it is actually paid at the rate of 6% per annum above the base rate from time to time of Lloyds Bank Plc.

The Management may disconnect or discontinue the services to the Holiday Home and recover the cost of doing so from the Owner and/or the Management may exercise its right in respect of the lien on the Holiday Home as referred to in the Siting Conditions.


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